Protective Screens

In response to the requirement for social distancing, and along with that the need for protective screens between staff and customers, minima and Coney Collective have teamed up to provide a range of innovative high quality products for this newly evolving market. With our combined knowledge and experience in working with wood and perspex, we are perfectly placed to provide solutions for all of your protective screen requirements.

Our offering includes the ‘Sneeze Screen’ range for customer service counters, made from Birch Ply and 3mm Plexiglass, true to the minima design aesthetic, with clean styling and rounded corners. They ship flat pack and assemble easily by simply slotting together without the need for any fasteners. Customers to date include doctors’ consulting rooms, pharmacies, veterinary practices, health shops, food stores and hardware stores.

We also offer a range of self-supporting portable Desk Screens as a quick solution for open plan office spaces. They are available in either 600mm or  750mm high, in clear Plexiglass, or opaque or colour for where some privacy is required in addition to protection.

Newly added to the range are standard type Desk Dividers for typical open plan office environments, made of 6mm Plexiglass in clear or opaque / colour, which are permanently fixed to the desk tops with partition clamps.

To cater for a the typical situation of closely seated customers, for example in a hair salon, we have also developed a range of mobile floor standing screens, which can be moved as required to suit any application.

The product and price list can be downloaded from the tab below.

We are also able to design and manufacture custom screens to suit your specific requirements.

For more information see, or call Jacques Cronje  082 9250097 or Dean Dicks 083 2596220 or email us at