Truss Desk

Truss Desk

A roof truss uses compression and tension in the design to use the least amount of material to create a sturdy structure. The truss tables have been designed according to the same structural principles – resulting in a table that is engineered, simple and sustainable.

It requires no fasteners and is remarkably easy to assemble and dis-assemble in minutes without the need for any tools

You have the option of purchasing it pre-coated with a low-VOC waterbased low sheen furniture varnish or uncoated for DIY painting.

Material: Pine Ply or Birch Ply

W: 1200mm     D: 600mm    H: 760mm

Pine Ply, uncoated                 R 1,350.00

Pine Ply, with clear sealer    R 1,495.00

Birch Ply, with clear sealer    R 2,295.00

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