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    Tendu Pendant

    The Tendu

    Material:  Birch Plywood

    Finish:  Sealed with Low VOC Waterbased Matt Polyurethane Sealer

    Tendu 600        Dia: 347mm     H: 600mm

    Tendu 900        Dia: 470mm     H: 900mm

    Similar to form and shape, posture can communicate  feeling and emotion. This shape light has been named Tendu after the ballet position. Tendu, meaning extended, or literally ‘stretched’, is the gradual extension of the leg outwards until only the toes touch the floor.

    Each piece of the light is designed to clip together using only opposing forces of tension and compression, with no fasteners or glue required.

    They are available in ‘easy to assemble’ flatpack or


    Product code:

    TU600NW        Tendu 600 with Clear sealer

    TU900NW        Tendu 900 with Clear sealer