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    March 2022

    Embodying crisp and clean styling with gentle curves is the minima, Desk Chair. Offering Maximum Comfort while being, lightweight and sturdy. The Desk Chair’s versatility will make itself right at home in your open plan living space or home office. Made from sustainable Birch Ply and coated with with

    The minima Radius seating range follows the same design logic as minima’s original lighting; that of elements radially arranged on a central axis. In the case of the Radius seating range, creating gentle and elegant curved forms, which translate into comfortable seating. The Radius Dining Chair is stackable to

    Flow Bench 2400 This ‘free form’ 2 seater bench has been digitally designed and crafted. It consists of 2 each of 31 different plywood profiled ribs, each consisting of 4 unique components clipped onto 5 internal stringers. Each connection is precision cut allowing for the entire piece to be clipped